SunOpta: Cheap Organic Food With 2 Secret Ingredients

In today’s world of growing demand for healthy, natural, and organic food, the words organic and cheap together have become something of an oxymoron.  Although companies like Whole Foods Market (WFM), Hain Celestial Group (HAIN), and Annie’s (BNNY) have found a way to make healthy eating more affordable, many of the organic food industry’s stocks have become anything but cheap.  But rather than proceed as I have in the past and focus on the short opportunities (here, here and here), today I am going to introduce you to a $1.1 billion revenues company who’s one of the largest suppliers of internationally sourced organic ingredients in the world, as well as the…

#1 producer of natural and organic fruit snacks in the U.S

#1 processor of confection sunflower in the world

#1 organic soybean processor in the U.S

#1 producer of oat fiber in the world (for food industry)

#1 processor and packager of organic aseptic soymilk in the U.S

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Yaron “Ron” Reuven is the President & Chief Investment Officer of Reuven Capital Investments, LP. His expertise is in business valuations, financial model & theory analysis, and financial industry compliance.
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